Fast Speed Audio Bible

High Speed Luke is a fast-paced, easy-to-understand Audio Bible.  Download the gospel of Luke and other books of the New Testament. 


In about 90 minutes, youth ages 8-15, and anyone with a need for speed, can hear Luke and five additional books of this audio!



Download six books of the New Testament for free. Recorded by a natural-born speed talker, High Speed Luke is designed for youth with a need for speed!

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Is it accurate?

Is the bible historically accurate or is it just a bunch of stories? Watch these interviews from Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Greece.

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listening science

Our minds process words at a faster rate than we can read or speak. Listening at high speed narrows the gap between our speaking/reading rates and our listening capacity.

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For Parents and Teachers

A great learning tool for your kids and classroom, each book begins with a background overview and ends with questions.

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“I LOVED it because I’ve always wanted to read the Bible but dislike reading! This made it easy.”
— High School Student
“Mom, Can you plug High Speed Luke back in again? You should listen to this while we are driving.”
— Luke, Age 8
“My kids say it’s fun and not boring...I listen to it over and over and always learn something new. “
— Mother of 4;, Ages 5-12