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See. Hear, Do. High Speed Luke is a great learning tool for your kids and classroom. Beyond the fast audio Bible downloads, here are more resources for teachers, parents and the curious.


High Speed Luke is also on TeacherTube!

questions in each fast audio bible recording

Each book begins with a background on the book and ends with questions. Here's a sampling from Luke.

  1. Here’s your first question. You got a one minute phone call with God. What would you ask Him?

  2. Before we move to chapter 3, what do you believe about God and Jesus? How do you find your own relationship with God?

  3. When you look around in your life who do you know that is really excited about their relationship with God?

historical trailblazers

Do you know these historical women and men trailblazers? Take a look and learn about these amazing individuals who each changed the world in their own way.