Fast Speed Audio Bible

High Speed Luke is fast-paced, easy-to-understand audio bible. LISTEN To THE GOSPEL OF LUKE, ACTS AND 4 LETTERS OF PAUL. 




In about 90 minutes, youth ages 8-25, and anyone with a need for speed, can hear Luke and five additional books of this audio!



Download six books of the New Testament for free. Recorded by a natural-born speed talker, High Speed Luke is designed for youth with a need for speed!

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engaging videos

Watch on-site videos filmed in Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Greece on the historical accuracy of the Bible.

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listening science

Our minds process words at a faster rate than we can read or speak. Listening at high speed narrows the gap between our speaking/reading rates and our listening capacity.

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Teachers tools

A great learning tool for your kids and classroom, each book begins with a background overview and ends with questions.

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“I LOVED it because I’ve always wanted to read the Bible but dislike reading! This made it easy.” High school student

 “Thank you friends at High-speed Luke for helping to get High-speed Luke into the hands of 1,500 college students at the Minneapolis CRU Winter conference. In our increasingly post Christian, Biblically illiterate culture, High Speed Luke is a great way to get the Word of God into the hearts and minds of young men and women!” Pete Henschel, National Field Director, CRU                                                                    

“It met our family’s need for speed.” John Ramstead, former USAF Top Gun instructor, Beyond Influence

“I will give it to a Muslim friend because Muslims love the story of Luke.” Luis Palau

“Mom, Can you plug High Speed Luke back in again? You should listen to this while we are driving.” Luke, Age 8

“An inspired project - WOW!!! SUSAN, THE KIDS AND I LOVED IT.” Paul Schurke, World-Class Arctic Explorer