Fast Audio Bible Reviews

High Speed Luke is fast, clear, fun audio Bible, communicated in a young person’s dialect! Here are what others have to say.

“Really good. Really fast. I was saying to myself, ‘Please, another chapter.’ My friends would like to try it.” — Abby, age 10

“Thank you friends at High-speed Luke for helping to get High-speed Luke into the hands of 1,500 college students at the Minneapolis CRU Winter conference. In our increasingly post Christian, Biblically illiterate culture, High Speed Luke is a great way to get the Word of God into the hearts and minds of young men and women!” — Pete Henschel. National  Field Director, CRU

“Wow! This is the type of Bible on audio I have been looking for.”

“I LOVED it because I’ve always wanted to read the Bible but dislike reading! This made it easy.” — High school student

“Wow! I didn’t think I could keep up but I did. I’m passing this to our youth minister.”


“I think it’s a cool idea. I like it because it’s a lot faster than reading. It was very clear and easy to understand.” —High school student

“I liked how it was faster but you could still keep up. When it goes faster, it’s easier to process.” —High school student


“I really liked it because I was able to focus easier with the fast talking. I wanted to pay attention more so I was sure not to miss anything.” —High school student

“Mom, Can you plug High Speed Luke back in again? You should listen to this while we are driving.” —Luke, age 8

“The music is soothing which is really nice compared to what we usually hear.” —Seventh grader

“This is church for our generation!!!” —Nate, certified financial planner

“My kids say it is fun and not boring…. I listen to it over and over and always learn something new.” —Maryanne Kelly, mother of four kids ages 5-12

“It met our family’s need for speed.” —John Ramstead, former USAF Top Gun instructor, Beyond Influence

“I just had a great discussion with my son after listening to HSL and my son said: ‘Dad, do you have any more of those high speed bible stories on CD? You should make mom listen to this!’” —John Miller, salesman

“An inspired project – Wow!!! Susan, the kids and I loved it.”
—Paul Schurke, world-class Arctic Explorer

“The concept of listening to a gospel read at high speed is unique.… This is a fascinating product and it is really interesting to see what you have done.” —Keith Davy, National Director, Research & Development of Campus Crusade for Christ

“She’s unreal!”

“Sarah has a great voice. The kids really liked it and you’ve got a winner.” —Steve Braun,

“I will give it to a Muslim friend because Muslims love the story of Luke.” —Luis Palau

“I love the dialogue between the uncle and niece. It is the way things used to be done, the oral tradition of passing on the Bible.” —Pastor Mike Smith, Redeeming Love Church

“I loved it!!! This is great!!! At first I thought it was a little quirky, but then I got the listening science concept in the introduction. I appreciate the high speed and it increased my retention…. I keep it in my truck and listen to it every week to get my Gospel fix.” —Tim Ford, Secondary (Vice) Principal, Maranatha Christian Academy High School